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Life of Pi 3D
Embark on the adventure of a lifetime in this visual masterpiece from Oscarr winner Ang Lee*, based on the best-selling novel. After a cataclysmic shipwreck, young Pi Patel finds himself stranded on a lifeboat with the only other survivor - a ferocious Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. Bound by the need to survive, the two are cast on an epic journey that must be seen to be believed.

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DLP 3D shutter glasses and transmitter family 4 pack for your compatible 3D HDTV (computer or converter


Yogi Bear (Three-Disc Combo: Blu-ray 3D / Blu-ray / DVD / Digital Copy)


Samsung 3D Active Shutter Glasses - SSG2100AB 1 Each


Sony KDL55NX810 BRAVIA 54.6 3D Slim Edge LED Backlit HDTV and Sony 3DBNDL/Alice Alice in Wonderland 3D Deluxe


LG AG-S110 Active Shutter 3D Glasses


3D How Does It Work?

3D is based on the principle of stereoscopy, which creates the illusion of depth in an image. The easiest way to enhance depth perception in the brain is to provide the eyes of the viewer with two different images, representing two perspectives of the same object, with a minor deviation exactly equal to the perspectives that both eyes naturally receive in binocular vision. read more..

3D Technology Checklist

To help you get a great 3D experience, use our checklist below to ensure that you have everything you need. To get started with 3D, please ensure that you have: read more..

What are Blu ray 3D Movies For Sale right now? Are old movies available, too? How about animated movies? Once the addition of title of 3D movies available was announced, the companion technology of 3D Blue ray Players got an incredible demand, too. This means that it is the movies that drive up the sale of anything 3D!

Nothing beats the experience of watching your favorite movie in 3D. Unlike the typical 2D movie, 3D movies take you to the scene, as if you are actually part of the film. Due to the depth and volume they provide to viewers, 3D movies evoke the feeling of having every scene unfold right before your eyes, as if each character is just within reach. Movies in 3D definitely provide maximum viewing experience and pleasure to their audience. And the new 3D TVs without glasses make it easier to watch without those weird glasses. So it is understandable that movie buffs eagerly await the announcement of best 3D movies for sale every Tuesday, the day when retailers announce the latest releases.

Thanks to modern technology, you can now have the same vivid viewing experience right in the comfort of your own home. Amazing new programs and equipment, such as 3D TV converters and 3D DVD players, allow you to enjoy three-dimensional movies without having to go to the movie house and endure long lines just to see a film that you like. This is also the reason why Blu ray 3D Movies For Sale are awaited, because this means that a 3D DVD Player or a 3D Blu ray Player is all you need to complete an immersive viewing experience!

And how best to bring the fun of watching 3D movies into your own home than to buy DVDs of your favorite films? A lot of movies nowadays have already been customized to have that three-dimensional, realistic effect. This is why Blu ray 3D Movies For Sale are such a big draw. Whether you are a fan of animated films, sci-fi movies or thrillers that place you on the edge of your seats, there is a wide array of Blu ray 3D Movies For Sale, especially online, from which you can choose from.

Among the best 3D movies for sale are blockbuster animated films. Make your kids drool over the 3D versions of recent animated hits such as Cars 2, Shrek, Gnomeo and Juliet, Tangled, Despicable Me and How To Train Your Dragon. They will surely enjoy being able to watch their well-loved animated characters in full color, as if your living room was transformed to a dream land. For the young at heart, classic animated films, such as Lion King and The Nightmare before Christmas, have already been released in 3D versions. Bring back memories of your childhood-in 3D!

How about bringing the magical world of Pandora from the blockbuster hit “Avatar” to your home? Well, that’s completely possible now, for fascinating sci-fi movies are also among Blu ray 3D Movies For Sale you can currently grab a copy of. Among the recent selections are thrilling epic and superhero films such as Thor, Tron: Legacy and Green Hornet. Experience the action and adventure of these movies while seating cozily on your couch.

Want to have the gorgeous Johnny Depp in your living room? No problem. The recent installment of the Pirates of the Carribean series, On Strange Tides, is already one of Blu ray 3D Movies For Sale. If that’s not enough, you can still take home one of his films in 3D, Alice in Wonderland, with you. Other Blu ray 3D Movies For Sale include Priest, Resident Evil: After Life, and even the Hannah Montana concert! No more need to worry in case you failed to catch these films during their original play dates.

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